Getting Started


This article gives details on how to use the PureClarity Application to quickly integrate PureClarity with your BigCommerce store after you install the app.

NOTE: The app can be installed from the BigCommerce Marketplace

Setting up a new account

Once the plugin is installed you can fill in the form to create your PureClarity account. The Email and Password will be used to login to the PureClarity Admin. Most of the information will be auto-completed using information from your BigCommerce store.

Choose the region that the majority of your customers operate in. This helps ensure the personalized content is delivered as fast as possible to your customers.

After signing up, PureClarity will create your account. During this period a splash screen will be shown. Your account should be ready within a couple of minutes.

Free trial

PureClarity offers a free trial while you decide whether to use the service. The status of the account will be displayed in the applications status bar once the account has been setup. You can sign up in the PureClarity Admin or by contacting our support team.

NOTE: If you run past your free trial without signing up your account will be deactivated.

Set Up

What the application does

The PureClarity BigCommerce application will integrate your shop with PureClarity. It will:

  1. Automatically synchronize your shop data with PureClarity so that it can provide personalized merchandising. This includes your products, brands, categories, orders and customers.
  2. Add the PureClarity template into your Stencil themes. Templates and Themes are discussed in more detail below.
  3. Add a script to your site that tracks your customers activity and will display personalized content in your PureClarity Zones.

What you need to do

Once you have installed the application, your store needs to synchronize with PureClarity. This process will start automatically after the application is installed onto your site.

During this process the application UI will update you with the status of the synchronization. You may leave the application and come back later if required.

Finally, enable PureClarity by pressing the Enable button. This will add our script to your site, and PureClarity will begin to show personalized content.

Stencil Themes

What the plugin does

PureClarity installs a PureClarity zone into several regions in all the Stencil themes on your site. The regions are:

  1. pages/home. HP-01 and HP-02 will be added into the region, home_below_carousel
  2. pages/product. PP-01 and PP-02 will be added into the region, product_below_content
  3. pages/category. CP-01 and CP-02 will be added into the region, category_below_content
  4. pages/search. SP-01 and SP-02 will be added into the region, search_below_content
  5. pages/cart. BP-01 and BP-02 will be added into the region, header_bottom


How to uninstall the Application

Uninstall the PureClarity app from your BigCommerce admin, just like any other BigCommerce app. Please note that once the app is uninstalled your PureClarity account will be deleted and any data collected will be permanently removed. This includes all data synchronized with PureClarity and all data collected during the time the app was enabled.