Getting Started


This article gives details on how to use the PureClarity Application to quickly integrate PureClarity with your Shopify store after you install the app.

NOTE: The app can be installed by clicking on the following link:

Setting up a new account

If you do not yet have a PureClarity account you will need to set one up when installing the app onto your store. This will be the account that you use to login to the PureClarity admin. Most of the information will be auto-completed using information from the Shopify store. The only fields that you will need to input are the password and the region that you operate in.

Linking an Existing Account

If you already have a PureClarity account you can link your account using the “Link Account” tab when installing the app, as shown:

If you have multiple stores you can link them to the your PureClarity account by using the same account key when installing the PureClarity application onto each of your stores. You can get your account key from the “My Account” -> “Integration” page in the PureClarity admin (for US customers), as shown:

Free trial

PureClarity offers a free trial while you decide whether to use the service. The status of the account will be displayed in the applications status bar, as shown:

When you are approaching the end of your free trial the application UI will notify you with the remaining time you have left, as shown:

NOTE: If you run past your free trial without signing up your account will be deactivated.

Set Up

What the application does

The PureClarity Shopify application will integrate your shop with PureClarity. It handles:

  1. Synchronizing your shop data with PureClarity so that it can provide personalized merchandising. This includes your products, collections, orders and customers.
  2. Adds the PureClarity liquid snippet into your themes. This takes care of showing our content on your site and tracks your customers actions.

What you need to do

Once you have installed the application, your store needs to synchronize with PureClarity. This process will start automatically after the application is installed onto your site, as shown:

During this process, the application UI will update you with the status of the synchronization. You may leave the application and come back later if required.

It may take a while to synchronize larger stores

When the synchronization has been complete the “Linking your store to PureClarity” section will be hidden and the status bar will change to “Store Linked”, as shown:

Finally, enable PureClarity by pressing the Enable button, as shown in the following image.

Installation Complete

Congratulations! At this point visitors to your site will see personalised PureClarity content and features.

Next steps are to login to the PureClarity Admin to create targeted campaigns and to use our other features such as personalised popups.

To show personalized content or recommendations embedded on your site add PureClarity Zones.


PureClarity zones are used to show personalized content to your customers. These can be recommenders (such as “Suggested for You”) – image banners, carousels, or custom HTML. The content is setup in the PureClarity admin. You can find out more about Campaigns in the academy.

To embed zones on your site all you need to do is find where in your liquid templates you want to show the zones and add the following snippet:

 {% include 'pureclarity-zone' with id:'REFERENCE' %} 

Replace REFERENCE with the zone reference you want. PureClarity comes with some zones setup out of the box for you that are already set to show personalized recommendations. Simply add the snippet and use the following references

Homepage: HP-01, HP-02, HP-03, HP-04

Product Page: PP-01, PP-02

Basket Page: BP-01, BP-02

PureClarity can show up to 8 zone’s per page, but 2 is usually enough. There are many other page types you can add zone’s to. Please see our Best Practice Guide on the placement of zones on your site.

PureClarity Recommender templates

Recommenders can be styled to match the design of your site. We provide a number of out of the box Recommender Templates that you can adapt. You can edit the Recommender Templates in the PureClarity admin. More information can be found in our template documentation.


PureClarity allows you to promote brands (Shopify Vendors) on your site. PureClarity will show brands in the following area:

  • Brand Recommenders – PureClarity will show appropriate brand recommenders in zones. These include recommenders such as, “Recommended Brands for You” and “Best Selling Brands”.

In order to use these, PureClarity looks for Collections that are setup with a single rule – “Product Vendor is equal to “. Collections like this are interpreted as being “Brands”, and the Name, Description and Image of the collection will be used for the brand. If you don’t want to show brand recommenders, then you can turn them off from the PureClarity admin, under “Configuration” – “Recommenders”.

You might already have collections setup for this. If not then you can create them and PureClarity will automatically start to use them.

Altering your Shopify Liquid Template

PureClarity adds our snippet into every theme when it is installed. If you add a new theme later you will need to add our snippet in order for PureClarity to run.

NOTE:You only need to do this on themes installed after the PureClarity app was installed

We recommend that you make a copy of the them before starting this.

To make a copy of a theme, go to:

Online Store -> Themes

Click the “Actions” button next to the theme and click “Duplicate”. Next, on the duplicated theme (which will be shown below your current theme), click “Actions” and then “Edit code”.

Under Layout, open the “theme.liquid” file. This is the main “liquid” file on your site. Find the body tag. The easiest way is to press Ctrl-F, and enter, and press return.

Add the following PureClarity snippet as the first line under the body tag:

 {% include 'pureclarity' %}

For example:


How to uninstall the Application

To avoid any errors occurring on your site after uninstalling the app, the first step is to remove any PureClarity snippets that you have added to any of your pages. These include:

  • The PureClarity snippet placed inside of your main themes file (theme.liquid)
  • Zone snippets linked to areas on your site

To do this go to the “Online Store” section of the Shopify Admin, click the “Actions” button and select “Edit Code”. Go to any file that contains PureClarity snippets (files that have been edited can be identified by looking for the small purple circle next to the name of the file) and remove the snippet from the file, remembering to save after each edit.

Finally, go to the “Apps” section of your Shopify Admin, find the PureClarity Application inside of the “Installed apps” section and click the uninstall application button to the far right of the application name, as shown in the following image: