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An overview of the Zones feature

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PureClarity uses Zones across your website to show personalised relevant content. These Zones can also appear in automated emails targeted at specific audiences Segments.

The example below shows a Zone on the home page showing a product recommender with personalised results based on crowd-based, segment information and individual behaviour.

You can define multiple Zones per page type up to a maximum of 8 Zones per page in the interest of speed performance

NOTE: Campaigns are used to determine what, when and who to show content in a Zone to.

Zone Content

PureClarity supports different types of content for the Zones. This content can be configured manually or automated using the system’s AI algorithms. The types of content are:

  • AI Recommender – PureClarity chooses an appropriate recommender strategy based in its AI algorithms.

  • Manual Recommender – Create a recommender manually by choosing the products to show.

  • Banner Image – Display a single image. Useful for promoting special offers during Campaigns.

  • Carousel – Customisable carousel of images.

  • HTML – Display custom HTML

  • Custom – you can create your own custom content types to show to visitors.

Page Types

Zones can appear on many types of pages within your site. PureClarity defines over 19 types of Page Types, such as Homepage, Basket Page, Product Page, Checkout Page and My Recommendations Page. However, you’re not restricted to these page types as a Zones can appear on any page type you define.

TIP: Where is the best place to put my Zones? Have a look at our section on Zone Placement in our strategy section. You can start with setting Zones to AI recommenders and let PureClarity earn you money.

Click here to find out how to add a Zone

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