PureClarity's Campaign feature allows you to create and tailor content for your customers. You can create multiple campaigns across the various pages of your site, as well as choose its location within those pages.

Furthermore our Campaign tool allows you to select an audience Segment to show your content too, so that you can ensure your site is as personalised as possible. You can have multiple Campaigns showing in each Zone on the pages of your site. This means that the content shown will be adapt and change dependant on the customer and the Segment they fit into.

If you are running a timed campaign over a season or sales event, you can also add start and end dates to campaigns to ensure that they are only seen at specific times.

In terms of content, we have multiple options to choose from:

AI Recommender - A block of recommended products that is powered by our AI.

Manual Recommender - A block of products, brand or categories that you can manually select.

Static Image - A banner image that you can display on your site.

Carousel - Multiple banner images that can be displayed on your site. You can also edit the size and scroll speed of the images

HTML - A custom HTML that you can build and create to show on your site.

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