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Analytics Overview

An overview of the analytics feature

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Site Analytics

Here you can see a deeper view of site statistics than just the dashboard showed you, showing you the trends over time.

Campaign Analytics

The Campaign analytics will give you insights into how all your Campaigns are performing collectively.

Remember those tags from earlier? Now you can see how each tag is performing. For example, if you have two Campaigns aimed at first-time visitors, you’ll be able to see how those are doing altogether, rather than each campaign on its own.

Content Analytics

This area is where you can see how each component of your website is performing.

See which products, categories and brands are most viewed compared to most purchased to see which could use a boost. Click on individual products to see the performance stats on an individual level, including which products are frequently bought together with it.

You have the option to time-slice as needed to get the full grasp of performance.

Zone Analytics

This part of the admin gives you a breakdown of which Zones of your site perform well and which don’t.

Email Analytics

You can track view rates and click conversions using the Email Analytics to determine the success of your email campaigns.

These guides will help you through the setup process and help you explore what you can achieve with our analytics feature:

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