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User Explorer

The user explorer allows you to view information PureClarity holds about your customers.


When users are logged into your site or when they make a purchase PureClarity is sent some information to identify them. For B2B sites this could be the account id, or for B2C sites it could be the websites unique id for the customer. It could also be an email address that is used to uniquely identify them.

This information is used for both segmentation, as well as identifying the user when they log in from multiple devices.

To search for users enter a search term into the search box and press Enter. PureClarity will find users that match the search term and display them in the results area below.

PureClarity searches on email address, as well as account id or user id. Note that the search term must be a full email address, account id or user id.


When PureClarity has found some users, click the Detail button to see all the data about that customer. This information is the data sent over in the “Customer Events” and “Order Tracking Events” from your site – as well as data from “User Feeds” you’ve submitted.


To comply with the European Unions GDPR, PureClarity allows you to “forget” a user. This will remove all potentially identifiable data about the user, including any email address associated with the user. Note that email addresses are stored “hashed” – which means we can tell if the email address has been “forgotten”, but you cannot identify the original email address.

Once a user has been forgotten, there is no way to store data again for this user. PureClarity will also never send them any emails.

To forget a user, press the Forget button. PureClarity will ask you to confirm that you want the user to be forgotten, and then schedule this user to be forgotten. This process may take several hours.

Once a user has been forgotten, you will be able to see in the User Explorer that they have been forgotten, but will not be able to see any identifiable data.

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