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Account owners can add new users who can access the PureClarity admin by going to My Account > Users. When users exist, they will be displayed here and can be edited. Only users with the Account Owner role can add, edit or delete other users.

Adding Users

Clicking Add User will display a form where you can specify the name, email address and the roles (see below for more information on roles) of the new user:

An image of the create new user modal in the admin, showing the fields to be entered and the roles to be selected. The example given is Joe Bloggs who has the Chat Operator role

Filling in the form and clicking Ok will create the user and send them a welcome email to complete their signup. Following the link in the email will allow them to create a password for the admin.

Editing Users

Account Owners can edit existing users' name, email address and roles. When other users exist they will be displayed in a table in the user page:

An image showing the user table with a user in it.

Clicking the Edit button (the pen icon) will display a form where you can edit their details:

An image showing the edit user form for Joe Bloggs.

Filling in the form and clicking Ok will save the edited information.

Resetting Users Passwords

Account Owners can send users a reset password email by clicking the Send password reset button (the lock icon). This is equivalent to the forgotten password process.

Deleting Users

Account Owners can delete a user by clicking the Delete user button (the rubbish bin icon). Note that this action cannot be undone. If the user needs access in future they will need to be added to the admin again.


Roles allow you to restrict what users in your store account can see and do in the Admin. For example, you may want a support person to be able to access the Chat feature, but not be able to create popups.

The following roles are currently available:

  • Account Owner

    • Provides full access to all areas of the admin, including the ability to create/update/delete admin users and assign them roles

  • Admin

    • Provides access to all areas of the admin except creating/editing/deleting admin users

  • Chat Operator

    • Users with this role only have access to the chat area of the admin, to enable them to respond to customer live chats

  • Observer

    • This role allows a user to view all areas of the admin but not make changes

If a user attempts an action that they are not authorised to do by their role, they will get an error like the following:

An image of the insufficient permissions error banner

If you think there's a role missing that would be useful, please get in touch and let us know.

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