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How to best configure Magento 1.x with PureClarity

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Zones, or to give them their longer name ‘Behavioral Merchandizing Zones’ or BMZs, are content areas that display PureClarity Banners, Images and intelligent Product, Category & Brand Recommenders.

Before using PureClarity you need to install Zones in the relevant areas on your site. This can be done manually using PureClarity Magento Widgets.

Navigate to CMS -> Widgets. Click the Add New Widget Instance button, in orange on the top right.

Pick the type to be a PureClarity BMZ, then select the theme you want to use.

Click continue.

From there, be sure to select the correct store of the site that you wish to install BMZs.

NOTE: Each BMZ Id references the corresponding BMZ Id/Zone Name within the PureClarity Admin console, and allows you to configure what is displayed in that area.

As an example of how to add your own BMZ widgets to your site, let’s add a BMZ to the Search Results Page from beginning to end.

  1. Navigate to CMS > Widgets. Click [Add New Widget Instance].

  2. Choose “PureClarity BMZ” from the Type drop down.

  3. Choose your current theme from the Design Theme drop down.

  4. Input a Widget Instance Title such as “PC BMZ SR-01” to represent a Search Results BMZ. Click [Save and Continue Edit].

  5. Choose the page where you’d like your BMZ to be displayed. In this example we choose “All Pages” and “Left Column” from the Block reference.Now we need to configure the BMZ specific values:

  6. Select “Widget Options” from the left menu.

  7. Enter SR-01 into the BMZ Id box.

  8. Applying a margin will set a 10px margin above and below the BMZ content area.

  9. CSS Custom Class: You can add your own css classes that will be added to the BMZ html element for greater control of how it’s displayed.

  10. Click [Save].

Your PureClarity BMZ Widget is now configured, and can be seen on the search results page!

NOTE: When adding new widgets you may need to clear the Magento cache to see it appear.

See debugging BMZs in the advanced section to help see your BMZ if nothing appears.



You can augment each product with additional information, sent in the data feed, to control how PureClarity displays products.

Go to Catalog > Manage Products and select an item to edit. On the lefthand menu bar, click PureClarity:

When editing a product open the PureClarity section to see the properties that can be set.


Search Tags are used in recommenders based on Search. You can add search tags to products, e.g. ‘Summer’, to boost the relevance of products based on visitors’ search terms. Enter a comma separated list of words or phrases that you’d like to be sent to PureClarity as Search Tags.


Set this to yes to stop a product from being included in PureClarity Recommenders. You may want to do this for small priced items.


Set if a product should be treated as a new arrival by PureClarity. This enhances recommenders and helps to target customers by showing hot new arrival products that may interest them.


Set if a product should be treated as an on-offer product. This enhances recommenders and helps to target customers by showing them products that are on promotion. PureClarity will do this automatically if products are on sale, however, you may want to override this if a product doesn’t currently have a special price, but you’d like it to be treated as a promoted product.


You can set an additional overlay image to be placed over the product listing display. This could include an image such as On Offer or Free Delivery.

To set the image, upload an image under the “Images and Videos” section under a product’s properties, and select the “PureClarity Overlay Image” as the image role by selecting the image and selecting the option from the Role list.

You can add additional text to be sent with the product to PureClarity that can be used within the PureClarity template.


You can set an additional option for PureClarity against each category. To do this go to the PureClarity section on a categories properties page. The options available are:


This allows you to set an additional category image should you wish to set one specifically for PureClarity category recommenders. To use this, you will need to alter the PureClarity template under the PureClarity admin console. In the most common cases PureClarity will work and use the categories’ standard image.


Set this to yes to stop a category from being included in PureClarity Recommenders.


You can set fallback image URLs to be used where a product, category or brand doesn’t have any images set. To do this navigate to the PureClarity Configuration Page from the left hand menu, and set each URL using the text boxes under the “Placeholder images” section.


If you want to see the location of your BMZs but they’re not being populated, navigate to the PureClarity Settings page and set the “Debug Mode” under the Advanced section to “Yes”. BMZs will be populate with their name and id.

If you need anymore help please see our Magento 1.x Troubleshooting Article

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