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WooCommerce - Dashboard Overview
WooCommerce - Dashboard Overview

An overview of the features of the WooCommerce plugin dashboard.

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Once the PureClarity signup has completed and your store is configured, the dashboard page will change to show the next steps to take, information about data feeds and links to help & documentation.


At the top of the dashboard & settings page is the default header bar for the plugin. It contains some useful links:

  1. Settings – will take you to the PureClarity plugin settings page within the plugin.

  2. Documentation – will take you to the plugin documentation homepage.

  3. Support – will open up an email to in your default mail client, with some useful data bout your site pre-filled.


This box allows you to change the display mode of the plugin. It will show you the current mode and give you buttons to switch mode:

  • Live – Every visitor to your site will see recommenders.

  • Admin only – Only logged-in users who are site admins will see recommenders on the frontend.

  • Disabled – No one will see recommenders on the frontend.


These boxes will show you relevant tips and tasks that will help you get the most out of PureClarity. These will change over time so remember to come back and review these often!


If you are on a free trial, you can see the status of your trial in the free trial status box. It will show you how many days remain and also gives you a link to sign up beyond the trial.


Some high-level statistics are shown, to give you an overview on how PureClarity is performing on your site. These are broken down into 2 time periods, today and the last 30 days. Stats shown are:

  • Impressions: The total number of page views recorded by PureClarity

  • Sessions: The number of unique customer sessions.

  • Conversion Rate: The percentage of sessions that placed an order.

  • Sales Total: The total value of all orders placed during the time period.

  • Orders: The total number of orders placed during the time period.

  • Recommender Product Total: The sales amount attributed to PureClarity recommenders.


This call-to-action box provides a link to the PureClarity WordPress plugin directory page, so you can give our plugin a review if you wish.


This feeds box allows you to see the status of each of the data feeds and to manually run feeds should you need to. For more details on feeds, see the WooCommerce - Data Feeds page.

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