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WooCommerce - Settings

An overview of the settings page in the WooCommerce plugin

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When you go to the settings page in the WooCommerce plugin, you'll see the following settings you can change:


These are your PureClarity account details and also the display mode of the plugin.

Screenshot of the Environment section of the PureClarity for WooCommerce plugin settings page
  • Access Key – your PureClarity account access key.

  • Secret Key – your PureClarity account access key.

  • Region – the region your PureClarity account is in.

You should not need to change these after you’ve signed up / linked your existing account.

The other setting “Display Mode”, controls who to display PureClarity to, there are 3 options:

  • On – Every visitor to your site will see recommenders.

  • Admin only – Only logged-in users who are site admins will see recommenders on the frontend.

  • Off – No one will see recommenders on the frontend.

You can control the Display mode from this page, or via the plugin dashboard.


These settings allow you to control data syncing between your store and PureClarity.

Enable Deltas

Having deltas enabled ensures that when a product/category/user changes, then it's data is synced to PureClarity as soon as possible. Deltas are sent via a scheduled task in the background every 5 minutes.

Enable Nightly Feeds

Enabling the nightly feeds allows all product/category/user data to be synced nightly, ensuring that PureClarity stays up to date with your system.

Exclude Out Of Stock Products From Recommenders

Enable this setting to stop products that are out of stock to be shown in recommenders. Products will still be synced to PureClarity but will have the relevant flag set so that they do not show in recommenders. Once a product is back in stock a delta / nightly feed will unset this flag and the product will show again.

Enable Debug Logging

Debug logging for feeds allows you to track the progress of feeds and which products / orders are excluded from feeds.

This feature uses WooCommerce logging, so when enabled logs will go a into WooCommerce > Status > Logs in a file prefixed with "log".


In this section, you can disable default Zone display on the default pages and also enable zone debugging

Screenshot of the Zones section of the PureClarity for WooCommerce plugin settings page


“Enable Zone Debugging” allows you to see the placement of Zones even if there is no content to display.

When enabled, Zones will display with a blue background:

Screenshot of a PureClarity Zone showing with a blue background for debug purposes


The other tick boxes in the Zones section allow you to control which of the default Zones display on a per-page basis.

When these are unticked, the default Zones will not display and you can place zones manually, see the Woocommerce - Zones page for more info.

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