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Creating a Popup

How to create a popup in PureClarity

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To create a pop-up head to 'Popups' on the left side menu and select 'Add Popup'.

You can then choose between a 'Simple Popup' or an 'Email Sign-up Popup'. If you want to know the difference between these then check out this article.

Once you have chosen your popup, you'll see our design tools that give you multiple options to create and style your popup to suit your site.

The first step when creating your Popup is to chose its behaviour.

Our behaviour menu lists a number of options:

Select Page type

You can have popups appear on any page of your site - select the drop down menu and choose where you want your popup to appear.

Who do you want the Popup to show to

This option allows you to choose the audience segment you would like the popup to appear to. You can find more information on segments in this article.

When do you want the Popup to be active?

Popups can have dates given for when they should appear on your site, great for timed events such as Black Friday or Christmas promotions.

Add notes and Popup Tags

These is a useful way of tagging a popup against certain campaigns you are running on your site.

Once you have tailored the popup behaviours you can then edit various options.

You see a list of options you can edit:


You can adjust the size of the popup by editing the px. The standard size of our popups is 600px


This gives you various options such as changing the background colour and background transparency of your popup. You can also select whether a popup should be dismissed if someone clicks anywhere else on a page.


This allows you to set either a delay for your popup. This means a customer will need to be on your site for a number of seconds before the popup is shown. You can also set the trigger to 'Exit', this means the popup will only appear if it looks like the customer is about to leave your site.

Display Frequency

You can adjust how often your popup should display to your customers. Select the drop down arrow to see the list of options.

Once you have set both the behaviour and options of your popup you can then edit the styling of the popup using our editor.

The popup editor uses various 'Blocks' that can be added, removed and edited to match your needs.

We have multiple different options to chose from - including photo, text and video blocks which can be inserted into the editor by click and dragging them from the block option menu into the popup editor.

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