Backup & Recovery Policy

This document is PureClarity’s Backup Policy.

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This document is PureClarity’s Backup Policy. It is the property of PureClarity and is a controlled document.

Our core service operates within a cloud environment hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The AWS Infrastructure and the PureClarity platform have resilience and redundancy built in, therefore the likely impact on our service is low. The PureClarity platform has to operate 99.99% uptime. To mitigate any risk of service interruption the platform is monitored 365/24/7.

This Backup & Recovery policy forms part of the company’s ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS – certificate number 206024). The associated data security protection forms part of the company’s ISO27001 Information Security Management system (ISMS – certificate number 206109).


This policy’s aim is to protect all customer Data that is collected, stored and processed by the PureClarity platform from lost and ensure that Data that is backed up can be recovered. This includes both Raw Data and Meta Data.


The following back-up and recovery procedures are in place:

  • All Raw Data and Meta Data is backed up once a day.The recovery process is tested every quarter.


Data: Collectively the Raw Data, Content and the Meta Data.

Meta Data: the aggregated data derived from analyzing the Visitors’ behavior.

PCJS: means the PureClarity JavaScript Snippet, which is installed on the customer’s Property for the purpose of collecting Raw Data.

Property: means any web page, app, or other online information technology property under the customer’s control that sends data to the Software.

Raw Data: the initial tracked data collected by the PCJS.

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