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PureClarity is supported with a range of services and service levels to help ensure the solution operates 365/24/7 and you get the most out of the product. This policy document covers the scope of the various support services as well as how our Success and Support Teams will respond to your needs as defined by our Service Levels.


PureClarity Support Service covers two areas:

  • Application & Hosting Support – relating to the physical architecture, base operating architecture, backup systems and the PureClarity software (including the core and admin dashboard).

  • Success Management & User Support – named Success Manager and support analysts providing advice and guidance on PureClarity and resolution management of Incidents.



The PureClarity Infrastructure is monitored 365/24/7 to ensure that it is operating at peak efficiency. Any degradation of the service is alerted to our support staff who will take the appropriate action and bring the system back to normal operation.


Wherever possible PureClarity will try to ensure that as little disruption as possible is made to the hosted environment with regards to any Scheduled Maintenance that takes place. Where possible we try to avoid any downtime as almost all systems are fully redundant, but the Scheduled Maintenance may put the service ‘At Risk’ of failure. Rarely maintenance may require a brief period of downtime. Notification will be given to you by email.


Software updates may address security fixes, critical patches, general maintenance functionality, new features and documentation and shall be made available at PureClarity’s discretion. If an update for PureClarity is made available it shall automatically replace the previous version.


PureClarity has a dedicated success management and support team for users during normal working hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday UK Time, excluding UK Public Holidays (“Normal Working Hours). The Support Team provide advice and guidance on PureClarity and manage the resolution of incidents relating to the application software. Also you will have a named Success Manager who will be able to help you with PureClarity and ensure you get the best out of the software.


You can find your Success Manager’s contact details by logging into the PureClarity admin console and clicking on Help & Support > Support Centre.


The PureClarity Support Team is accessible via one or more of these methods during Normal Working Hours:

By Email: the Support Team email address is A support ticket shall be automatically created; and

Online: Incidents can be logged online using the Support Center. This portal can be accessed at All Incidents reported to the Support Team are logged and tracked in the Support Center Portal.


The following is covered by the Support Team and your Success Manager:

  • Help and guidance on the implementation of PureClarity

  • Advice and Help on the use of PureClarity.

  • Reporting of Incidents relating to the software or architecture and tracking to resolutions against our Service Levels

  • Password Support


The Service Levels that the PureClarity Support Team aim to achieve are as follows:


Where PureClarity or a major part of the system is unavailable, and which is critical to the Client’s service delivery. Including search function not available or products not rendering in search results or recommenders.

Response Time: 15 minutes.

Resolution Time: 2 working hours from notification of problem.

N.B. Our architecture is monitored 365/24/7 and the architecture has redundancy built in. Engineers are notified immediately if their is degradation of the service.


Where parts of the core data are not rendering correctly (e.g. a missing product or category information) but the solution is mainly operating correctly. This could be due to issues with data feeds from the Client’s 3rd party systems.

Response Time: 2 working hours from notification.

Resolution Time: 8 working hours from notification.

N.B. Data feeds can be analysed in the admin console to ensure that correctly formatted data is being passed to PureClarity. Each feed can be examined.


Any issue that does not stop all visitors from searching and having recommendations, does not cause an error page to be displayed, or does not cause any other error message. Includes potential styling issues, page layout formatting and other similar.

Response Time: 3 working hours from notification.

Resolution Time: 24 working hours from notification.


Should a Resolution to any problem not be achievable within the resolution timeframe due to the physical length of time required to complete the fix or by factors outside of the control of PureClarity, the Client shall be duly notified of this and advised of the earliest possible resolution time.


We aim to respond to request for information as soon as possible and normally within 8 working hours of any request.


For each full sixty minutes that application is deemed to be a Level 1 Critical Incident (defined at PureClarity’s discretion) PureClarity shall give the Client a service credit equal to 1 day of the annual subscription fee up to 10% of the Client’s annual hosting fee (“Service Credit”).

Cash refunds shall not be provided. Service Credits shall not be provided to the Client if downtime is the result of: a) Scheduled Maintenance event, b) circumstances beyond PureClarity’s reasonable control, including, but not limited to: dDoS or other network attacks, upstream or 3rd party network outages, war, fire, flood, sabotage, labor disturbance, acts of government and c) client is in breach of any terms set out in the Order Confirmation.

Downtime is measured from the moment the Client notifies PureClarity’s help desk of a Level 1 critical incident to the time the application responds. Notification of Level 1 critical incident must occur at the time of the outage and not after the fact.

In order for the Client to receive a Service Credit on the Client account, the Client shall request in writing such credit within ten (10) business days after the Outage.

Total service credits within any 12 month term will be limited to 10% of the Client’s annual subscription fee.


PureClarity shall have the right to amend or change its support policy and also amend or withdraw the Service Credit scheme at any point.

Version 4.2 – 26th June 2019

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