The Dashboard in PureClarity contains a plethora of useful information, as well as some key statistics from your site. The Dashboard also provides you with helpful tips and some next steps to help you get the most out of PureClarity.

Our Dashboard should be the first page you'll visit when you log-in to PureClarity, and we give you plenty of information on this page. Generally, your Dashboard should look like this:

We'll break this article down to look at the information you are been presented here and how to understand it.

Analytics and Campaign Analytics

Presented at the top of the dashboard are your site's overall analytics that look at Page Impressions, Visits, Orders, Sales Revenue, Click Total and Conversion Rate.

These figures are a cumulative total for your site, according to the date range that you choose. You can alter the date range shown in the analytics by selecting the various date options above the analytics.

One of the key figures within these site analytics is the 'Click Total' - this represents the overall amount of revenue that has been generated via PureClarity content on your site.

You'll also see Campaign Analytics, below the main site analytics on your Dashboard. These give you a breakdown of the performance of every campaign running on your site, as well as provide you with some key information.

Within the campaign analytics, you can see information on click rate, click total, orders, order totals and the conversion rates of all your published campaigns.

You can also see the 'Impressions' rate - this is the percentage of time that campaign was actually seen by a customer. Hovering over the percentage will show a tooltip that will provide you with the figures.

User Experience Wizards

To the left of the Dashboard you'll be able to view any 'User Experience' wizards that have been recommended for you. These can either be steps to help you complete your installation and set-up of all our features, or can be guides to help you set up specific campaigns for different audience segments.

To learn more about our 'User Experience' wizards, how to use them and set one up. Please visit this article.

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