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Understanding Segment Insights
Understanding Segment Insights

Help on how to understand the data within our Segment Insights

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Whenever you create a Segment within PureClarity or use the Segments Explorer you'll be given some figures on that Segment contained within our Segment Insights.

Note: These figures apply to non-real time Segments only - for example, Segments based on weather conditions will not generate any figures as this data is collected in real time.

Once a Segment has been created, you'll see insights that looks similar to this:

You can edit the date range of the information you are viewing for the Segment by selecting one of the blue date ranges above the figures. This will then adjust the data according to that date.

Note: The Reach shows the proportion of all users that match the conditions - therefore this data does not change as you alter the date range.

PureClarity shows the following information about the segment:


The percentage and number of users that this Segment contains compared to your overall number of users.

Conversion Rate

The percentage of time those customers have bought from your site over the time period.


The amount of orders the Segment has generated on your site over the time period.


The total amount of revenue for those orders on your site over the time period.

Average Order Value

The average amount of each order made for the Segment on your site over the time period.

Top Bought Products

A list of the most bought products within this Segment over the time period.

You'll also see a comparison with your site's overall stats below each figure - this allows you to evaluate the size and importance of the Segment.

Use this information to create campaigns to personalise the experience of individual segments to increase sales and conversion rates.

PureClarity shows other useful information below the headline statistics, such as the top bought products by users in the segment over the time range selected.

Note: Selecting any of the 'Top Bought Products' will take you to our Product Explorer where you can get a detailed breakdown on the performance of that individual product on your site.

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