Magento 2.x - Free Trial Signup

Outline of how to signup for a free trail using the Magento 2.x extension.

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Setting up an account

With the extension now installed, go to the Magento admin panel. You should see a notification at the top of any page and a new menu item under the "Content" menu.

Click the link in the notification or the menu item to go to the PureClarity Dashboard page:

Banner text that shows at the top of the Magento Admin Page

Alternatively, you can access this page by going to Content > PureClarity > Dashboard in the main menu:

PureClarity Dashboard Menu item under the Content main menu item

Signup page

When you go to the dashboard page for the first time, you will see the PureClarity signup page.

Dashboard page showing signup form and marketing information

This page requires you to fill in some basic details that we need in order to set up your account within PureClarity.


If you have multiple stores, a dropdown at the top of the page will also be present:

Header bar including Store view dropdown

You should choose the store view you wish to set up PureClarity on before submitting the form.

Signup form

The signup form has the following fields:

About you - Details about the person creating the account. These will be used for your login details for the PureClarity Admin site

  • First Name & Last Name - Name of the user creating the account

  • Email - Will be used for PureClarity admin login.

  • Company - The name of the company that owns the site.

  • Password - the password to be used for PureClarity admin.

About the site:

  • Store Name - A name for the store.

  • URL - The base URL for this store.

  • Currency - The currency for the site, automatically detected from your store.

  • Timezone - The timezone for the site, automatically detected from your store.

  • Region - The PureClarity region for the store.

When you submit the form, the request will be submitted to PureClarity and processed as soon as possible, usually within a couple of minutes. The signup page will change to show a "Setting up account" page.

Dashboard page in "Setting up account" mode

If you stay on this page your Magento site will be configured as soon as the signup is completed within PureClarity, but you can also navigate away and come back later as a background process will check the progress of your application and configure your Magento site once it’s complete.

Automatic Configuration

Once PureClarity has created your account your Magento store will have the following automatically happen:

PureClarity extension will be configured:

  • Module Enabled.

  • Access Key.

  • Secret Key.

  • Daily Feeds Enabled.

  • Data Indexing Enabled.

Data Feeds requested:

  • Product.

  • Category.

  • User.

  • Historic order information.

The dashboard page will then update to show the standard PureClarity Dashboard:

Dashboard page in configured mode

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