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Magento 2.x - When are Data Feeds run?
Magento 2.x - When are Data Feeds run?

Describes the different times that feeds can be sent using Magento 2.x extension

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There are 3 ways in which feed data from your store can be sent to PureClarity:


By default, Product, Category and User feeds are sent nightly at 3am. This is done via a cron process and full feeds of each type are sent.

Deltas (Indexing)

The PureClarity plugin has an indexer for Product & Category data changes. When a Product or Category is changed within Magento, a record of the ID that has changed is made and a cron process runs every minute to collate and send the updated data to PureClarity. This means that changes within Magento should be reflected in PureClarity within minutes. This is enabled by default.

This is achieved via usage of Magento indexers, in order to ensure these works as intended, the indexers should be set to "Update by Schedule". This is done in System > Index Management in the Magento Admin

PureClarity indexers showing in Magento indexers grid


As outlined above changes to data are updated automatically by the PureClarity extension. However, should you wish to manually submit a full feed to PureClarity you can follow this process at anytime.

On the PureClarity Dashboard page within Magento, click the “Run Feeds Manually” button within the “Data Feeds” panel.

Feeds box, with "Run Feeds Manually" button

This will bring up the feed selection popup:

Run feeds popup, with tickboxes for each feed type and "Run feeds now" button

Choose types of feeds you want to send, then click the “Run feeds now” button. This will request that the selected feeds are run asap. A cron process runs every minute to check for these requests and then generates and sends the feeds to PureClarity.

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