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Magento 2.x - Category Attributes

Details of the attributes that the PureClarity Magento 2 extension adds to Categories

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The PureClarity extension adds attributes to Magento Categories for use with PureClarity features.

When editing a Category in the Magento admin, you'll see the following section on the page:

Fields shown on the PureClarity section of the Magento Category edit page

Override Image

This allows you to set an additional category image should you wish to set one specifically for PureClarity category recommenders. This image URL will be sent in the feed.

To use this, you will need to alter the PureClarity template under the PureClarity admin console. In the most common cases PureClarity will work and use the categories’ standard image.

Exclude from Recommenders

Set this to "Yes" to stop a category from being included in PureClarity recommenders.

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