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Understanding Product Attribution
Understanding Product Attribution

Advice on how to use and navigate the Product Attribution analytics page

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PureClarity's Product Attribution anaytics page allows you to see a detailed breakdown of how PureClarity is performing on your site.

To get to the report, click on Analytics in the left side menu within your account, you'll see the Product Attribution report at the top of the dropdown list below.

When you open the report you'll see some graphs at the top. You can change the time period shown on the graphs using the buttons above the graphs. Each graph will show the data for the current time period, as well as the previous period so you can compare to see trends. Where appropriate a little badge will indicate the change.

Click Total: Graphs the amount of revenue generated from interactions with PureClarity content on your site. An interaction is where:

  • A product on a PureClarity recommender is clicked

  • Content in a PureClarity campaign that is attributed to a product is clicked

When a customer goes on to purchase this product - the sales total for this product is counted towards the click total. This is a good indication of how much revenue PureClarity has generated for you.

Click Total as % of Revenue: This graphs the Click Total as a percentage of your site's overall revenue.

Orders Involving PureClarity: This graphs the number of your site's orders involved customers interacting with PureClarity content.

% of orders involving PureClarity: This graphs the percentage of how many orders involved PureClarity against your sites overall orders.

Below these graphs are stats related to your sites average order value, and average number of skus purchased per order.

Each shows the value before PureClarity. This is based on the orders PureClarity imported when PureClarity was first synced to your site. As such, these values may not be fully reflective of your sites performace before PureClarity due to limits on time period PureClarity can import your historical orders over.

PureClarity graphs information to show how well the PureClarity product recommendations are performing. You can see what the AOV and number of skus bought are when customers purchase using the recommenders, compared to when they don't.

Below these figures you'll be given a list of all of the orders that involved PureClarity on your site. The format of these will look like this:

You can click on each individual order to view more information on it.

Each individual order will provide you with details of the Campaign that the customer interacted with, as well as the individual SKU of the product they clicked on. Selecting any of these will then take you through to more detailed reports on Campaign performance or the Product performance.

We also provide you with the customer details for each individual order. If an order has a customer name next to it, you can click on it to find out more information on that customer.

We'll give you information on the amount of visits and orders the customer has made as well as showing you the last time they made an order on your site. You'll also get to see a list of personalised recommendations for that customer.

Below the order details you'll also get to see the customer's average amount of products ordered as well as the average value of those products.

Any identifiable GDPR information is also shown on this page.

This report can also be downloaded as a CSV file. To do this click on the 'Download CSV' button in the main page of the report and it will automatically generate the report.

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