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How to use PureClarity during development
How to use PureClarity during development

How PureClarity supports you during your development cycle

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Depending on your development workflow, you may have 1 or more testing, development or staging stores.

PureClarity supports you, and provides environments you can use. This way your live environment is not filled with test products, orders or activity.

These integrations come with restrictions and a "fair use" policy. PureClarity allows enough activity for you to test, but restricts heavier use. It is against our terms to use these development stores for production traffic. We reserve the right to block access if production traffic is sent to them.

A banner at the top of PureClarity indicates that the store is a staging or test site.


Stores with the plan name of "affiliate" or "partner_test" will not have to select a plan when PureClarity is installed.

If you are an Agency developing an e-commerce store for a client, we recommend you reinstall PureClarity if you pass ownership to the client. This way the client will be able to use in production.

Magento / BigCommerce / WooCommerce / X-Cart / Bespoke

We recommend you sign up on your staging site and again on your production site. This way PureClarity will create 2 store views, each with different access keys. Remember to not use your production keys in staging, otherwise products from your staging store may be recommended from your live store.

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