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Overview of the logs feature within PureClarity for Magento 2.x

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Version 6.1.0 included a new feature: Logs

  • All PureClarity logs entries now go into a dedicated file

  • New debug logging feature, for more detailed logging of PureClarity features

  • New logs page on the PureClarity Dashboard in the plugin

Dedicated log file

All logs generated by PureClarity go into:


Debug Logging

When enabled, PureClarity will put more detailed information into the logs for feeds and serverside requests. You can use these logs to see what information is being collated in the feeds / serverside requests & responses in order to investigate nay issues you may have with those features.

Logs Dashboard

The PureClarity Logs Dashboard is available by clicking the logs icon on the PureClarity Dashboard page.

Logs icon in dashboard

When you go to the page, you'll see 3 boxes:

Logs dashboard with 3 boxes

Debug Logging status

debug logging status box

This box shows whether debug logging is enabled or disabled. Clicking the button will take you to the configuration page where you can enable/disable it.

configuration page for debug logging

Download Logs

download logs box with download logs button

This box shows you the current size of the log file and pressing the button will trigger a download of the PureClarity log file. This is useful if PureClarity support have asked for log files, you can send the log file downloaded from here.

Delete Logs

delete logs box with delete button

If the log file is getting too large, or you want to reset it to debug a particular issue, you can press the button in this box and it will delete the existing log file. This action cannot be undone and a new log file will be generated when new log entries are made.

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