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Campaign Preview and Settings
Campaign Preview and Settings

Guide to altering the behaviour and style of your campaign

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Once you have picked a template you will see our preview and settings editor.

Blocks and Sub Blocks

The left of the editor allows you to add or remove blocks and sub blocks. The selected block will show its settings on the right. You can view the settings for the overall template by clicking, "Edit Settings".

Some templates allow you to add or remove blocks. These are elements of the template, such as the slides to show in a slideshow, or the columns to show.

Some templates, such as the column template, allow you to add sub blocks to a block. This allows you add text, products and images to a column for example. Below are 2 template examples , one with blocks and one with blocks and sub-blocks.

Collage allows you to use up to 3 images, products or categories:

Column allows you to use up to 12 columns, and add content to each column:


The centre of the editor shows a preview of what the content will look like on your site. Remember it may look different depending on what other styling your site has. The best way to preview a campaign is with the PureClarity Debug Toolbar.


Selecting a block, sub block or clicking "Edit Settings" will show the settings for the selected item.

Settings allow you to alter what is shown in the campaign, such as the image to use in a collage. Settings also control functionality such as whether to use a hover effect when the customer hovers over the item.


You can control what PureClarity does when a customer interacts with the campaign (or each part of the campaign). Track a click by specifying the audience, or the user attribute to set, or which product the item relates to. Learn more about "Campaign Attribution and Click Total" here.


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