The Results

Jewel Street hand-picks over five hundred talented designers and artisans for their online jewellery platform. With high-quality, unique and hand-crafted pieces, Jewel Street is a retailer that wants to give each of its creator’s pieces a home for life.

JewelStreet needed a personalization service that would be easy and straightforward to implement. Because of its emphasis on customer service, JewelStreet wanted an implementation which would be as stress-free and simple as possible, with the ability to have multiple stores so they could serve their worldwide customer base. They needed a solution which would give them personalization, made easy.

The results of working with PureClarity speak for themselves:

  • An increase 83% in total order value over the past six months
  • In the first month, over 6% of the revenue was directly attributable to PureClarity recommenders.
  • Average conversion rate has tripled across all three sites

-Ed Miles, JewelStreet – Digital Marketing Manager, JewelStreet

“We came to PureClarity because we wanted a state-of-the-art AI merchandizing tool with the ability to customize specifically what products were promoted to customers when they came to our site, with the aim to increase awareness and cross-sell our jewellery. PureClarity provided us with cutting edge technology that fit our business needs perfectly. From the moment we joined, their support has been second to none. Through the onboarding process to everyday support, our questions have been answered quickly and thoroughly. Our suggestions and needs have been listened to and addressed. Now that we’ve had a chance to get set up, we’re looking forward to getting more and more out of the product.”

Product Recommendations
within Search

The majority of JewelStreet customers when arriving at their site would use the Search bar to find what they were looking. The recommendations shown are based on any previous onsite behaviours of the visitor and of other visitors in the same customer segment such as First Time Visitor.

The goal of JewelStreet was to increase their online conversion and increase their average order value by introducing more relevant results and cross selling to more expensive items. Conversion increased from 0.06% to 0.11% in the first month of integrating PureClarity on their website.

  • Feature: Personalization within Search
  • Goal: Increased product awareness, increase conversion rate

Intelligent AI Recommenders
within Search Results

Regardless of whether visitors to Jewel Street choose to use the primary navigation or the search bar, the result always leads to Search Results Pages.  Having product recommendations highlighted on this page is a keyway to show products that are relevant and personal to each visitor increasing their propensity to convert into a sale.

  • Feature: Automated AI Recommenders
  • Goal: Increase conversion

Personalised Recommenders
on Product Page

Each customer journey will involve customers taking a closer look via the Product Page. By including PureClarity automated AI Driven intelligent recommenders on this key decision-making page, Jewel Street can not only show alternative options to the product being viewed but also introduce products that would complement item being viewed. The result is a high propensity to covert and increase the average order value by the number of items bought.

  • Feature: Advanced AI Recommender Engine
  • Goal: Increase conversion and Increase Average Order Value