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An overview of the Popup feature

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PureClarity Popups are a fantastic way to speak directly with your customers, helping you engage and personalise the shopping experience.

We have two options available when building a new popup - a 'simple' popup and an 'email sign-up' popup.

Simple Popups

Simple popups are intended to be used to shout about offers and promotions on your site, you can design these within PureClarity and publish them in minutes. Our popup tool also allows you to target popups at different Segments of your customers to ensure that you can further personalise a customer's journey.

Email Sign-up Popup

Our email sign-up popups allow you to capture the email addresses of visitors to your site, they can be designed and tailored to match the look and feel of your site. It's a great way of capturing information to add to your newsletter or email targeting list.

We provide you with full analytics as well as a csv download of any emails that are captured.

These guides will help you through the setup process and help you explore what you can achieve with our popups feature:

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