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Magento 2.x - Linking an existing store
Magento 2.x - Linking an existing store

How to link an existing account to an installation of the Magento 2.x extension.

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If you already have an store with us, and you want to use that store on a different Magento site, (e.g. if you've been using a test site to test our features, but want to move to the live site) you can click the link above the signup form fields to start the process of linking your existing account.

This will bring up the Link Account form, you should choose "Link an existing PureClarity Store".

Link existing account popup, showing "Link an existing PureClarity store" option selected

"Create a new PureClarity store" will create a new store and is not for linking an existing store. For more information on creating a new store that process, see the "Magento 2.x - Adding another store" article.

You’ll need the following details from your account:

  1. AccessKey

  2. SecretKey

You can find these under the My Account > Integration menu within the PureClarity admin site.

NOTE: For security reasons it’s important to not share the SecretKey with anyone.

You’ll also need to choose the region (USA / Europe) that your application is on.

When you submit the form, these details are verified with PureClarity and if valid, your Magento store will be configured as outlined below.

Automatic Configuration

Once PureClarity has verified your account your Magento store will have the following automatically happen:

PureClarity plugin configured:

  • Module Enabled.

  • Access Key.

  • Secret Key.

  • Daily Feeds Enabled.

  • Data Indexing Enabled.

Data Feeds requested:

  • Product.

  • Category.

  • User.

  • Historic order information.

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