The PureClarity Magento extension handles brand feeds through the use of Magento categories.

This is done by creating a parent category, for example with the name “Brands”, that will have a list of subcategories for each of your brands. This will allow you to give each brand a name, an image and add the products that belong to that brand.

The parent category and subcategories can be set to hidden from menus, but they must be enabled

An example of how to set up a brand category: A Category called "Brands" with a child called "Aspire"

Once your brand categories are configured and you’ve added your products to them, you can set the parent category under the “Brand Parent Category” drop down box under the Data/Feed Indexing section on the PureClarity configuration page in Magento.

This tells PureClarity to treat all the first level children of this category as brands.

Brand feed configuration options

Once this is enabled, brand feeds will be then be sent in the nightly feed or you can trigger a brand feed manually. See "Magento 2.x - When are Data Feeds Run?" for more information

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