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Magento 2.x - Default Zone installation
Magento 2.x - Default Zone installation

Overview if the default Zones that can be installed on your Magento site in the Magento 2.x extension.

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There are a number of Zones that can be installed quickly on your site to get you up and running quickly.

On the PureClarity Dashboard page in Magento, there is a box on the right hand side of the page, titles "Zones".

Zones box displayed on Dashboard

Clicking the "Set up Zones" button will bring up the "Install PureClarity Zones" popup.

Zone installation popup, with theme selection option

In the "Theme" dropdown be sure to select the active theme of the site that PureClarity is installed on and then click the "Install Zones" button.

Once widgets have been created you will be shown a status of the installation, and a list of the unique Zone Ids that have been created.

The list of Zones installed through the automatic installation process are as follows:

Home Page

  • HP-01 (

  • HP-02 (content.bottom)

  • HP-03 (content.bottom)

  • HP-04 (content.bottom)

Product Page

  • PP-01 (content.bottom)

  • PP-02 (content.bottom)

Basket Page

  • BP-01 (content.bottom)

  • BP-02 (content.bottom)

Order Confirmation Page

  • OC-01 (content.bottom)

  • OC-02 (content.bottom)

NOTE: Each Zone ID references the corresponding Zone ID within the PureClarity Admin site, and Zones will only display once PureClarity Campaigns are set up and enabled.

As Magento uses caches to help the frontend run faster, so you will need to clear the following caches in order for your Zones to appear on the frontend of your site:

  • Layouts

  • Blocks HTML output

  • Page Cache

Adding Custom Zones

You can also add your own Zones manually using Magento Widgets or HTML:

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