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Magento 2.x - Why are my Feeds failing with errors?
Magento 2.x - Why are my Feeds failing with errors?

What to do when your feeds are failing

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What to do the feeds box is showing that you have failing feeds, like so:

Feeds box showing with all feeds in "Error, please see logs for more information" status

Check for errors

When you get this error display check the following for any errors related to PureClarity feeds:

  • Server error logs at /var/log/<nginx or httpd>/ on the filesystem

  • Magento logs at <magentoroot>/var/log/ on the filesystem

  • cron_schedule table, to see if there are any errors against any row with the job_code "pureclarity_core_scheduled_feed"

  • Check the "pureclarity_state" table to see what value is logged in the row with the name "last_feed_error"

If you have version 6.1.0 or later, you can use the logs page to access PureClarity logs instead of the general logs locations listed above.

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