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Magento 2.x - Why are the Zones not showing?
Magento 2.x - Why are the Zones not showing?

What to do if Zones are not showing

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Check cache is up to date

If you've just added the Zones, check whether the cache needs is out of date. As Magento uses caches to help the frontend run faster, you need to clear the following caches in order for a Zone to appear on the frontend of your site after it is added:

  • Layouts

  • Blocks HTML output

  • Page Cache

Enable Zone debug

Enable Zone debug to see whether Zones are being rendered on the frontend correctly.

If you can't see any Zones, check that the module is enabled in the Environment settings. Also check to see if the Widget has been set up correctly

If Zones are being rendered, but are still not being populated by PureClarity, ensure that the Zones are configured in the PureClarity admin, under settings. Also check that you have active campaigns set up.

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