What is PureClarity?

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What is PureClarity?

At its core, PureClarity is a powerful personalisation platform that allows you to give your visitors a personalised journey through your site. This increases your conversion rate as visitors find relevant products that they didn’t know they were looking for. It boosts your average order value, as your visitors discover the perfect paired products for their shop. And it raises your revenue as your visitors are given the perfect reasons to shop – and to come back for more.

How do we do this? PureClarity collects data at every level of the user journey to personalise for your visitors in real-time. The software learns about your visitors’ likes and dislikes as they interact with your store, ensuring that every product and promotion they see is personalised.

You can let the AI do all the heavy lifting of day-to-day personalisation, and create personalised Campaigns to layer onto that if you like.

Automated Versus Enriched

PureClarity gives you two ways to run personalisation.

If you’re time-poor, you can choose to focus on an AI heavy strategy. Simply place PureClarity’s AI recommenders at key conversion points on your site, then sit back and watch your revenue, average order value and conversion rate improve.

Our advanced AI recommendation engine picks out the recommender most likely to convert that visitor, while making sure there aren’t any duplicate products or irrelevant recommendations.

You can choose to enrich this with your own personalisation. Create Segments, Campaigns, and create your own manual recommenders.

Why would you choose manual recommenders? Our AI is constantly learning and adapting, so you might wonder when we’d recommend selecting your own recommendation strategy.

Our AI is focused on increasing conversion, but if you have stock to clear, or you want to raise awareness of another related brand or range on a product page, you can completely override and choose your own title, and fill the recommender with any products you choose.

In recap, PureClarity’s power stems from the flexibility of allowing you to choose to let the AI run all your personalisation, and offering you the option of manually enriching if you choose.

What can you do with PureClarity?

With PureClarity, the sky is truly the limit. You can use the data we collect to personalise from the broadest group, like showing first-time visitors the incentive that’s going to grab their attention and get them to make that first purchase with you.

And you can create more niche Campaigns, aimed at specific Segments of your visitor groups to ensure they see the offer that’s going to inspire them to try a brand you know they’ll love. You can get as specific as you want, for example showing third-time visitors who have not bought anything who are located in London a banner showing them click-and-collect locations near them and a voucher for £10 off their first purchase.

Enrich the visitor experience at every step of their shopping journey, on every part of your site, to deliver a highly personalised shopping experience.

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