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Where can you use Segments?

Advice on where you can use Audience Segments in PureClarity

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Audience Segments can be used in multiple features within PureClarity - currently, you can use Segments with the following:

Campaigns - Segments can be used when building campaigns to target specific groups of customers with a range of content - banners, product recommenders and custom HTML.

Popups - You can select a Segment when creating a Popup, enabling you to create more relevant and specific Pop-ups for your customers. When you select a Segment when creating a Popup, it will ensure that only that Segment will be able to view that content.

Live Chat Auto Messaging - You can create personalised live chat messages in PureClarity that can be aimed at individual Segments of your customers. This ensures that you can personalise and tailor you messaging to different customers who visit your site.

To learn more about how to build a segment - head to this article.

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