Creating a Campaign

How to create or edit a campaign

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Click "Add Campaign" on the Campaign List to create a new campaign.

PureClarity will show a series of options that control who, where, when and what the campaign will show.

Where do you want the campaign to show?

Select the zone you want to show the campaign in. Depending on the type of zone selected, you may have to choose what context you want to show the campaign for. For example you can choose which group of products to show the campaign to, or to show to pages with a particular URL.

You can easily add new zones as well. Remember you will need to make sure you have defined these zones in your e-commerce platform so they appear on your site.

Who do you want to show the campaign to?

Select the customer segment you want to show this campaign to. If you want all customers to see it, use the "Everyone" segment. Remember you can create more than one campaign to show in the same zone, and can use segments to personalise the shopping experience for different customers.

You can easily create a segment if you haven't set up the conditions for a segment already. PureClarity automatically creates segments called, "Audiences" when you set up attribution as well.

When do you want the campaign to show?

Control the date and time a campaign runs for. Leave blank to not specify a start or end date and have campaign run forever.

Set this for seasonal campaigns such as Black Friday or Christmas. You can create the campaigns in advance and PureClarity will automatically show them for the period of time chosen.

Add notes and campaign tags

Use tags to help group campaigns together by goal/season/marketing type. The performance of all campaigns tagged in the same way can be seen on the Analytics. This allows you to see how all your Christmas campaigns on different pages worked over the season.

What content do you want to show?

Pick the type of content you want to show, either recommenders or content.

All content is defined in templates. You can easily create copies of our templates, or create brand new templates to show unique content on your site.

Each template has a mini preview so you can see what it will look like, and a description of what the template does.

Once you have chosen a template, the template preview and settings will be shown. Alter these to control the behaviour and look and feel of the content.

If you choose a recommender template, you will also need to select the type of recommendations to show, either automated or custom. We suggest you use Automated unless you have a good reason not to - as PureClarity will use knowledge of the customer to select the most appropriate type of recommendation to show.

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