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An overview of the live chat feature

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PureClarity has a powerful chat tool that allows you to chat with your customers in real time and see insights on their behaviour on your site. This chat feature, when enabled, allows you to:

  • Chat to customers via the PureClarity Admin panel, sending responses or product recommendations.

  • View the customer's current session behaviour, so you can see what they're interested in.

  • Set up auto messaging so that customers can be set messages automatically based on their behaviour.

  • Build chat bots that allow you to guide customers to specific products or pages based on their responses to questions and to store their responses for future segmentation.

These guides will help you through the setup process and help you explore what you can achieve with our chat feature:

  • Getting Started - How to enable chat and what effects happen immediately after you enable.

  • Setup - What settings are available for you to customise the chat feature.

  • Chat box - The features of the chat box that appears to customers on your site.

  • Managing conversations: How to manage conversations via the PureClarity Admin panel.

  • Auto Messaging and chat bots: How to set up Auto messaging & Chat bots.

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