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Shopify Getting Started (Online Store 2.0 themes)
Shopify Getting Started (Online Store 2.0 themes)

Getting started with our personalisation suite on Shopify Online Store 2.0 themes

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Shopify Online Store 2.0 themes have extra features for apps, to help make adding and removing them from your themes quicker and easier.

This guide walks you through setting up PureClarity on our personaliusation suite plan. We recommend booking in a call with your dedicated success manager who will be able to assist you in getting started.


PureClarity shows personalised content on your shop. This converts more customers, and increases the average basket value.

There are lots of different content types PureClarity can show, including personalised recommendations, banners, pop ups and unique chat experiences. PureClarity can also personalise your customer emails as well.

There are 3 steps to getting started and showing PureClarity content.

  1. Enabling the PureClarity Shopify App

  2. Setting up what to show in your zones

  3. Defining where in your Shopify themes you want to show it


Press "Enable PureClarity" from the dashboard.

The PureClarity script is now authorised to run on your site and collect data about what all of your customers are doing. Once you have set up some campaigns your customers will start to see personalised content!


PureClarity has some automated wizards to help you get started. You can follow these to set up our automated recommendations for your customers.

Simply click on "Campaigns" and follow the on screen instructions to get started!

We recommend you add the "Embedded Recommender" Campaigns to get started. If you do, PureClarity will create some campaigns for you:

Please note that for test stores PureClarity may not always show recommendations on all pages. If you want to test the recommendations we recommend you:

  • Set the minimum number of items to show for a campaign to 1. Often there are not many recommendations PureClarity can make in test stores, so setting to 1 gives a greater chance of the recommender showing.

  • Use a Custom Recommender, and set the source to be Manual Product Recommender. This allows you to choose the products to show.


PureClarity zones are the areas on your site where you want to show your PureClarity campaigns. The good news is these are easy to set up for Online Store 2.0 themes!

Click on, "Shopify Theme Manager" within PureClarity. After a few seconds the themes in your store will appear.

In the sample store pictured above, you can see we have one Online Store 2.0 theme, which is also the published store. To set up PureClarity on this theme, simply click the "Manage PureClarity App Embed Block" button. You will be redirected to the theme settings in Shopify.

Enable the PureClarity App Embed block. This turns PureClarity "on" on this theme.


Each page on your store can contain areas where PureClarity will show content. This will be the campaigns you set up earlier in PureClarity.

Simply click the "Add section" button, and click on "PureClarity Zone"

Shopify will add a new area onto your page where PureClarity content will show.

The final step is to choose the "name" of the zone. This will match to the name you set up in PureClarity. For now, enter "HP-01", (short hand for "home page 1").


The Shopify editor will update, and you may see a PureClarity recommender.

If not, check the previous steps to make sure you have enabled PureClarity, and set up some campaigns. Make sure the name you gave the zone matches the zone in PureClarity.

If you have followed the steps above now would be a great time to visit your store front and click around. You should see PureClarity recommend products, and the more it learns about what you like - the better the recommendations!

We recommend you add zones to your product page and basket page. If you followed the steps above and PureClarity created some embedded campaigns for you - then use the following names for the zones:

Homepage: HP-01, HP-02, HP-03, HP-04

Product Page: PP-01, PP-02

Basket Page: BP-01, BP-02

You can add PureClarity zones to other pages on your site, such as product listing pages, category listing pages, and the search results page. Look in PureClarity to get the name of the zone. Feel free to talk to us if you get stuck as well!


Now PureClarity is enabled, you can start to use all of our features. We recommend you book a call with our Customer Success team. You can book a time that is best for you directly from PureClarity.

In our dashboard you can find a list of recommended Next Steps. Each is a personalised recommendation for what you can do next in PureClarity. This includes:

  • Setting up the AI recommender campaigns (done above)

  • Setting up unique experiences for different customer segments such as "first time visitors".

  • Creating personalised pop ups

  • Enabling our integrated live chat and setting up personalised chat bots

  • Setting up email campaign widgets, so you can show personalised recommendations to your customers when you email them

Over time more suggestions appear in the app and our Admin, so make sure you keep coming back.


PureClarity shows a summary of some useful analytics in the dashboard, which are updated in real time. You can find more detailed analytics in the Analytics section.


PureClarity allows you to promote brands (Shopify Vendors) on your site. PureClarity will show brands in the following area:

  • Brand Recommenders – PureClarity will show appropriate brand recommenders in the merchandising zone. These include recommenders such as, “Recommended Brands for You” and “Best Selling Brands”.

In order to use these, PureClarity looks for Collections that are setup with a single rule – “Product Vendor is equal to “. Collections like this are interpreted as being “Brands”, and the Name, Description and Image of the collection will be used for the brand. If you don’t want to show brand recommenders, then you can turn them off from the PureClarity admin, under “Configuration” – “Recommenders”.

You might already have collections setup for this. If not then you can create them and PureClarity will automatically start to use them.


As a Shopify customer you will be billed via your Shopify account every 30 days. Click on "Billing Management" on the Dashboard, or go to "My Account" -> "Billing" to check on billing and invoicing.

PureClarity offers a tiered pricing structure. You can find out more about our pricing on our pricing page. You can alter your plan to choose the best for you at any point. You will be redirected to Shopify to authorise any change.

If your usage goes over the maximum for your chosen plan you will be prompted via email and in the app to upgrade to a higher plan.

During this time PureClarity will attempt to contact you in order to solve this issue and answer any questions you might have regarding the payment increase. Eventually, if after a notable amount of time we have failed to make contact or the increase has not been authorised, we may suspend the service until this issue is resolved.



As you installed PureClarity on an Online 2.0 theme, PureClarity will be automatically removed from your theme if you uninstall PureClarity.

To uninstall, go to the “Apps” section of your Shopify Admin, find the PureClarity Application inside of the “Installed apps” section and click the uninstall application button to the far right of the application name, as shown in the following image:

PureClarity will be uninstalled, and data associated with your store and your users will be deleted. Please note that PureClarity is fully GDPR compliant.

We'd love if you could let use know why you're uninstalling as this helps us improve our offering so we that can deliver the best possible service.

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