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An overview of campaigns in PureClarity

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Campaigns in PureClarity are where you set up the personalised experiences your customers will see when they visit your site.

Each campaign consists of:

  • Where the campaign will show on your site (which zone).

  • Who will see the campaign (which segment).

  • When they will see the campaign.

  • What they will see (the content).

You also choose the order that campaigns are tried in for each zone. PureClarity tries each campaign in turn to see if the user is able to see it. This means you can create targeted campaigns for specific customer groups and have a "fallback" campaign that everyone else sees.

PureClarity records which content customers interact with. Products clicked on in our recommendations and then purchased increase the click total on your site. You can configure what happens when a customer clicks on content, such as adding a user to an audience.

You can find out more about campaigns in the following articles:

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